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We Build Quality Affordable Fences

We have over a dozen years experience building rural fencing for both residential and commercial projects. In addition we offer support services such as landscaping, tractor work, and light construction and remodeling. We use best practices and procedures when building your new fence. We believe in quality and it shows in everything we do.

We actually build more Farm Fencing, Ranch Fencing, and Chain Link more than anything else. Containing animals, livestock, and pets is the primary reason we are requested to build a fence in the Lake Livingston area. So if you are looking for a dog fence or dog run we can do it.

The second most often reason we are asked to build a fence is security / privacy. Privacy fences provide both privacy and security but there are other types of fence such as chain link fencing which address more of the security aspect over privacy.

For ornamental purposes wrought Iron, Aluminum, and Steel Fences look great and provide security. We also build rustic wood fences to give your property a country feel or western style look. The most common rustic wood fence we build is a cedar split rail fence. When ever possible we build cedar fences over pressure treated fences. Often it makes more economical sense to combine cedar and pressure treated to get a fence that last long without breaking the bank.

Most any farm or ranch has the need to contain livestock so we offer animal containment fence such as corral fence, wire mesh fence, t-post fence, horse fencing, and cattle fence. These fences define borders and can contain large and small animals and pets. We can combine field fencing, barb-wire fencing, and corral fencing to serve all of your needs in a single fence design as well.

Rustic Cedar Fencing

One very popular fence types requested in the Lake Livingston area is a three rail rustic split rail fence. This a beautiful rustic fence that is built with mortise & tenon connection points that will stand the test of time. Cedar is a naturally pest and rot resistant wood. This fence can also have a welded-wire fence attached to make it suitable for containing animals and pets such as dogs. Consider having us stain and seal your cedar split rail fence for added protection and beauty.

Wood Fence

Wood is the most versatile and common material for construction of fence, decks, and other outdoor structures such as covered patios and more. We can design and build a fence to your specifications using wood. Wood fencing is economical and easily customized or repaired. With common construction tools we can build a beautiful long lasting wood fence for you in and around Lake Livingston, TX.

Metal Fence

Metal fencing comes in many styles and materials. We are accomplished in the installation and construction of wrought iron fencing, chain link fencing, wire mesh fences, barb-wire fences, and hybrid fences that combine two or more styles and materials. If you need a fence for both aesthetics and containment ability for pets talk with us about a corral and wire-mesh fence or a split rail and wire mesh fence. For a high end privacy fence we can install a wrought iron fence with cedar plank inserts.

Ornamental Fence

Ornamental fence is most often described as wrought iron fence. However, ornamental fencing is rarely wrought iron any longer; it is more commonly made of galvanized steel, aluminum, and yes sometimes actual wrought iron. What ever the material there is a time and place for each material. The most durable and cost effective ornamental fencing is constructed of galvanized and powder coated steel fencing material. Aluminum is used where strength is less important and corrosion may be more of an issue. Old world wrought iron can be expensive and needs regular maintenance to keep it from rust.

Gates & Operators

If you have a fence you most likely will need a gate and possibly an operator that opens and closes that gate. We can install ornamental gates of all sizes, wood gates, farm and ranch gates, and custom gates. If you have a gate that is sagging or dragging the ground give us a call to repair your gate. If you have a property around Lake Livingston then give us a call regarding your fence, gate, or deck.

Fence Repairs

After thunder storms, tornadoes, and/or hurricanes fences are often the first victim of high winds and soft soil. As I am writing this Hurricane Harvey has made landfall as a Category 4 major hurricane and is projected to produce up to 50" of rain over the Texas Gulf Coast and inland up to 200 miles. Lake Livingston is sure to be affected by Hurricane Harvey and future storms to come. Fences will be blown over, fence post will be broken, and driveway gates will stop working due to water or physical damage. We can repair hurricane damaged fencing. We can repair fence and decks damaged from any storm system.

Chain Link Fencing

One of the most popular fences we are asked to build is a chain link fence. Unlike years ago you can get a vinyl coated chain link fence in some primary colors also. If you are looking for a standard four foot tall galvanized chain link fence to contain a few pets or to define a play area for your children we can do that also.

Commercial Chain Link Fence

If you have a commercial, industrial, or just need a premium chain link fence give us a call and we can design and build a chain link fence to your specifications. If you need 6 foot tall chain link with 3 rows of barb wire at the top to secure your assets and a sliding chain link gate we can build this type of fence.

Privacy Fences

We build quality fences that last over time and look good doing it. If you want a cheap economy fence we can build it but strong urge that you have us build a quality three rail cedar picket fence with a rot board that will last a very long time.

Privacy Fencing Features

  • Cedar Pickets or Pressure Treated Pickets
  • Economy 2 rail fencing
  • Quality 3 rail fence with 2x6 rot board (bottom board)
  • All post buried between 26" and 36" depending on design and site conditions.
  • All post will receive concrete to securely anchor the fence post.
  • Gates receive a post upgrade from a pressure treated 4x4 to a pressure treated 4x6.
  • Gates receive steel metal bracing to keep them from sagging.
  • Typical post spacing is between 88" - 93.5" apart.
  • We use standard 1x6 dog-eared pickets
  • Custom Designs Available

Farm & Ranch Fencing

Whether you have a farm, ranch, or even a small homestead property we can help you with the construction, installation, and maintenance of all of your fencing projects. We understand the requirements that people who care for livestock, game, and pets have in regards to containing and keeping your animals safe.

Common Rural Farm & Ranch Fencing Types

  • Barb Wire Fencing
  • Wire Mesh Field Fence
  • Corral Fence or Post & Rail Fence
  • Hog Fence
  • Goat Fence
  • Horse Fence
  • Vinyl Fencing
  • Cedar Split Rail Fencing
  • Chain Link Fencing
  • Farm Gates
  • Wrought Iron Gates
  • Cattle Guards
  • More...