1. Custom Wood Privacy Fence

Custom Wood Privacy Fence

A custom wood privacy fence is a popular choice for homeowners who value both privacy and aesthetic appeal. These fences are built using high-quality wood materials and can be customized to suit individual preferences and the overall style of the property.

2. Lattice Fence

Lattice Fence

A lattice fence is an elegant option for adding privacy to your outdoor space while still maintaining a sense of openness. This type of fence features a crisscross pattern with small gaps between the slats, allowing light and air to pass through. The lattice design also adds a decorative touch to your yard or garden.

3. Horizontal Board Privacy Fence

A horizontal board privacy fence offers a modern and streamlined look. Instead of traditional vertical boards, this fence design features horizontal boards placed side by side. The horizontal orientation creates a visually appealing pattern and can make your outdoor area feel more spacious.

4. Other Custom Wood Privacy Fence Examples

There are numerous other custom wood privacy fence designs to choose from, depending on your personal taste and requirements. Here are a few more examples:

4.1 Shadowbox Fence

A shadowbox fence is built with alternating overlapping boards on both sides of the fence, providing privacy while allowing air circulation. This design also adds depth and visual interest to your property.

4.2 Board-on-Board Fence

A board-on-board fence consists of vertical boards with small gaps between them, creating a solid and visually appealing barrier. This type of fence offers excellent privacy and can be an excellent choice for enclosing your backyard or any other outdoor area.

4.3 Picket Fence

Although picket fences are typically associated with front yards and decorative purposes, they can also serve as privacy fences when built with taller and closer-spaced pickets. This timeless design adds charm and character to any property.

4.4 Split Rail Fence with Wire Mesh

A split rail fence with wire mesh is a rustic option that provides a combination of privacy and security. The split rail design gives an open and natural feel, while the wire mesh adds an additional barrier and keeps pets or wildlife from entering or leaving the enclosed area.


Custom wood privacy fences offer a range of options to enhance the privacy, security, and beauty of your outdoor space. Whether you prefer the traditional look of a custom wood privacy fence, the elegance of a lattice fence, or the modern appeal of a horizontal board design, there's a style to suit every taste. Explore the various options available, consider your specific needs, and work with a professional to create a custom wood privacy fence that complements your home and enhances your outdoor living experience.