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Privacy Fence

We can build you a privacy with economy pressure treated pickets or naturally rot and pest resistant cedar picket boards. We build quality wood privacy fences that will last many years.

Our privacy fences include these standard features. All of our privacy or board on board fencing will use 4x4 and 4x6 treated post. We use 4x4 treated for ground contact post that are set 26 inches or more and set in concrete. Our standard privacy fence will have three 2x4 pressure treated rails and fastened to the fence post via three inch galvanized ring shank nails. You may have your choice of either pressure treated dog-eared pickets or cedar dog-eared pickets. The pickets on our standard privacy fence are fastened to the horizontal rails using 2 inch galvanized ring-shank nails or you may request them to be fastened with 2 inch deck screws for additional holding power.

Corral Fence

Corral fencing is used most often as a containment fence for larger animals. A corral fence can have 2,3, or 4 horizontal boards. The horizontal boards we use are 1x6 pressure treated pine boards. If you would like to upgrade to a premium 2x6 pressure treated pine board please let us know.

Our standard corral fence has either 4x4 pressure treated post or 5/6 round CCA pressure treated post that are set a minimum of 26 inches in the ground. Post are spaced approximately eight foot apart that are set in concrete or driven into the ground with a hydraulic ram. The standard corral fence will have 3 rows of 1x6 pressure treated rough sawn board and no cap board.

Options and upgrades include more or less horizontal rails, screws over the standard hot-dipped galvanized ring shank nails and even including a cap-rail as a finish. In addition you can choose 2x6 rails over the standard 1x6 rails.

Split Rail Fence

Cedar Split Rail fencing is most often used as a decorative fence due to its rough rustic look. It is a really good choice due to its cost to install and aesthetic value. Split Rail Fence is good to define borders and if you add a wire mesh to the fence it can also contain small and medium sized animals.

Cedar is a naturally rot resistant wood and does not need paint or wood sealant; however, staining and sealing a cedar split rail fence will give it some added protection and look absolutely fabulous. A split rail fence could last 20 years or more.

Cedar Split Rail fence is a post and rail fence that is installed using a mortise & tenon system. This type of fence does not have a solid face and therefore less susceptible to wind damage. Typically the end post, corner post, and gate post are set in concrete and the line post are tamped in place. If you wish we can upgrade your installation and use concrete at each post.

Picket Fence

Not near a popular as in decades past a simple waist high white picket fence can be the ideal fence for a front yard. We can build picket fences from wood or vinyl. The basic picket fence consist of a post, two horizontal rails, and vertical pickets spaced 2" to 4" apart. We differentiate this type of fence from your more common dog-eared picket privacy fence that has been adopted in many planned communities around Texas.

Post & Rail Fence

Post and Rail fencing is most often depicted by a simple corral fence consisting of post and horizontal rails to be used as a border or animal containment fence. The fact is that almost every fence is at its simplest components a post and rail fence. What ever your vision of a post and rail fence is we can build it.

The most common and popular post and rail fence is the corral fence.

Lodge Pole Fence

Much like a split rail fence, the lodge pole fence has a rustic appeal and conjures up visions of The Old West. Unfortunately this material is not easy to obtained in Southeast Texas. We suggest that you take a look at a Cedar Split Rail Fence or a Corral Fence instead.