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Many damaged fence or gates are the cause of fallen trees or tree limbs.

Old Fence or New Fence - DANGER!

If you have trees on your property then any fence near them is in danger. It's just a matter of time before a limb falls on your fence and knocks off some pickets. It a limb does not damage your fence then it could be the roots from a tree or other plant to dislodge a post. As in the picture above trees can even grow around your existing fencing. Before installing a fence the fence line should be cleared completely.

Overgrown Fence Lines

Overgrowth of vegetation will eventually destroy a fence. Shade, and morning dew is caused by plants and can keep a fence wet for extended amounts of time causing the wood to rot. We have replaced fences that are only 5 or 6 years old when the fence line is not maintained. So, save yourself the expense of replacing your fence by keeping plants, weeds, and trees from growing near your fence.

Maintaining Your Fence

Regular mowing and weed trimming is the most effective means of extending the life of your fence. We suggest maintaining a 4' or greater buffer between your fence the vegetation line. Spraying your fence line with a herbicide like RoundUp® can greatly help keep weeds and climbing plants off of your fencing.