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If you live on a rural property, farm, or ranch call us for all of your fencing needs

Rustic Fence

rustic natural materials inspired fencing

When you want a destinctive rustic fence design then give Lake Livingston Land & Home a call and we will help and build you a rustic fence that both looks good and last a good long while. We can build you anything from a simple post and rail fence or a extremely rustic snake rail fence.

Western Fence

Fecing with a wild west feel.

Do you enjoy the old west and everything relating to the American wild west? We can build you a stockade fence, barb wire fence, or post and rail type fence to give you that wester look and feel.

Barb Wire Fence

Part of rural living is the raising of farm and ranch animals. The fence that saved the west was the famous barb wire fence. The wire fencing has sharp barbs on it which keeps livestock from rubbing up against it and breaking down the fence. If you need to contain medium to large sized livestock barb-wire is a one of the first choices in fencing material to consider.

Electric Fence


High Tension Fence


Welded Wire Fence

If you are looking for a rural fence that could kill mutiple birds with one stone that is budget friendly a well built welded wire field fence may be the answer for you. A welded wire fence can serve as a pet containment fence, border fence, small to medium animal/livestock containment, or garden fence.

Knotted Wire Fence

If you need a field fence that is of better quality then ask us about building you a knotted wire woven fence. Field fence can be of varying gauges of wire, mesh patterns, sizes, and methods of construction. A horse fence is a wire knotted meshed fence with a 2"x4" mesh pattern. Goat fence is a 4"x4" mesh patter knotted fence constructed of heavier gauge wire.

Lodge Pole Fence


Cedar Split Rail Fence

One of the most popular fences that we are asked to build around Lake Livingston, TX including Onalaska, Trinity, Coldspring, Shepherd, Livingston, and other nearby communities is a rustic cedar split rail fence. This fence is made my spliting cedar post into irregular shapes. Post can have two or three mortises where the rails join via a tenon. This mortise and tenon connection is offten secured with a screw or nails. Cedar split rail fences have been to last upwards to 50 years.