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Exchange old fence post for new solid fence post

We can replace fence post when a tree falls.

With all the storms we get in the Lake Livingston area it can be expected that a tree or maybe just a tree limb can fall on your fence at some given time in the future. When that time comes you call feel comfort in calling Lake Livingston Land & Home to replace fence post or even entire fence lines when the need arises.

Call us when you need a fence post replaced.

Do you have an older fence that your trying to squeeze a little more life out of? If so, look at the fence post first before the rest of the fence. The fence post are a lot like the foundation of a home. Without strong solid fence post the rest of the fence is doomed to fail. We can evaluate your fence post and replace the bad ones and then address the cosmetic repairs to your fence or gates.

Extend the life of an old fence by replacing bad fence post.

We understand that everyone has a budget to work from but it is vitally important to budget for maintenance and repairs of your fencing so you can avoid much more costly repairs or replacement in the future. Every year you should inspect and replace any bad fence post in your fence line. This could extend the life of your fence as much as 5-7 years.