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Reclaim your privacy at your home or business with a wood fence, call for a FREE ESTIMATE.

When you need to keep prying eyes out of your backyard or other areas you don't want others to see you should be talking to us about building you a wood privacy fence.

Quality Cedar Privacy Fence

For complete privacy have us build a board on board privacy fence for 100% privacy from on-lookers.

If you are looking for a quality privacy fence ask us about using cedar to picket your fence with. Cedar looks great, in naturally rot and insect resistant, and tends to warp and twist less than other available wood species in the Lake Livingston area. Use the form on this page or call us directly to get a free estimate on building a quality privacy fence. We serve Onalaska, Livingston, Trinity, Point Blank, Coldspring, Shepherd, Goodrich, Leggett, and other communities surrounding Lake Livingston, Texas.

Quality Built Privacy Fencing

We build solid quality privacy fences that are strong and built to last. Fence post are set no less than 24 inches deep set in concrete. We also use enough structural support to keep the fence pickets from twisting and warping. Upgrade options like rot board will keep your wood pickets from rotting from moisture from standing water, ground moisture, and dew. We use all hot-dipped galvanized or stainless steel nails, screws, or other fasteners as needed.

Custom Privacy Fence Construction

If you have a non-conventional fence design in mind talk with us about building a custom fence for you. We can take your design and and engineer a fence that meets your design expectations and our quality standards. When we are finished building you a custom fence you will have a fence that has all of the design elements your looking for and is also build strong and will stand the test of time.