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Metal Fence is strong and versatile

Chain Link Fencing

One of the most installed metal fence products is chain link fencing. Chain link fence is good for many purposes including boundary definition, security, animal containment, and aesthetics. Chain link fencing can be constructed in many heights and configurations, it is even possible to add privacy slats to your chain link fence.

Galvanized Chain Link

The most common chain link fence installed at a residential home is a four foot tall galvanized chain link fence. Chain link fence is an affordable solutions for many residential and commercial applications.

We use 2-3/8" schedule 20 galvanized post on the corners and ends. The corner post and end post are all set a minimum of 24" deep in concrete for strength. Gate post are sized to the gate being hung. A minimum 2-3/8" galvanized schedule 20 post set 36" deep will be used. For wider and heavier gate we will upgrade the gates posts as needed.

Black Vinyl Chain Link

Vinyl chain link fence can come in black and other colors. Vinyl covered chain link fence has become more popular and more affordable in the last few years. We find ourselves installing black vinyl chain link around Lake Livingston more and more each year.

Wrought Iron Fence

Wrought iron is a very tough yet malleable form of iron that can be bent, twisted, rolled, and manipulated to shape. In the hands of a master craftsman this is a highly desired fencing material. Wrought iron can be expensive due to its skill needed to customize and install. This is truly the standard to match with modern fence products.

Ornamental Steel Fencing & Gates

Steel contains more carbon and other elements than wrought iron and therefore exhibits different properties. Steel is a very strong metal that is used in structural elements and can also be bent and twisted to shape. Ornamental steel has replaced wrought iron fence due to its cost, strength, and ability to form to shape. Ornamental steel fence and gates can be installed by a large amount of tradesman familiar with common welding and fabrication techniques.

Ornamental Aluminum Fence

Just like other types of fencing there are pros and cons to aluminum fencing. Pros include: lightweight panels, rust resistant, and availability. The cons of aluminum fencing could be: higher cost, specialized welding techniques needed, strength, and paint adhesion.