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We fix fences in Onalaska, Livingston, Trinity, Coldspring, Shepherd, Legget, and other towns surrounding Lake Livingston, Texas.

Rotten Fence Replacement

Is the wood on your privacy fence, corral fence, or any styled wood fence showing the signs of rot? Some signs of rotting wood are mildew, wood staining or bleaching, nails or other fasteners that will not hold firm, and pitted wood. When you begin to see the signs of rotting wood the affected area should be repaired and treated. If the wood is so damaged where it is not cost effective to repair you should ask us to replace wood, fence sections, or the entire wood fence.

Broken Fence Repair

Whether you have a ornamental steel fence or gate, or a wooden fence we can make repairs to your broken fence. Broken fences can happen from being hit by vehicles, fallen tree limbs, children playing on the fence, or pets or other animals that may damage your fence. Sometimes a broken fence is not so apparent; a failed fence could be due to poor soil conditions, standing water, or even insects.

We fix fallen fences

If neglected a wood fence can rot or a metal fence will rust until the point it has fallen and laying on the ground. In the event your fence has fallen we can replace rotten post or rusted poles and erect your fence. Wind events or wet saturated soil conditions are often reasons why a fence or gate has laying on the ground.

Has a tree or tree limb fallen on your fence or gate?

It is common for a fence to be built near a tree. Overtime trees will drop limbs that has died or broken off in a storm which could land on your fence and damage it. If a limb or an entire tree falls across your fence or gate we can remove the tree and repair your fence.

Has your fence or gate been hit by a car or truck?

As a fence company we receive a disturbing amount of calls to repair fencing struck by a car or truck. Fencing is often built near roadways to serve as a border, security, and/or privacy. So, it is just a matter of time when an automobile and a fence tries to occupy the same space at the same time. If you have a fence that has been damaged by an automobile colliding with your fence please give us a call to make the repairs.

We repair rusted fence, gates, gate hardware, and rusted fasteners.

Wrought iron or ornamental steel fencing overtime will rust. Regular maintenance and painting will keep your metal fence in good condition for many years. In the event that rust has started to decay your fence or gates give us a call and we can make repairs and provides maintenance to keep your fence in good working order.

Bad Post Replaced

Sometimes you will have a fence that has been installed perfectly and yet still just a few years later a single post will rot, break, split, or otherwise fail. Water accumulation or insects can target a single area of your fence. We will replace a single bad post or the entire fence.

Broken Post Removed

Rural farm and ranch fencing can be put under great strain when livestock lean or rub up against post and fencing. We often find post that have been broken off at the base. This happens on smaller line post or post that have been affected by water damage or insects. We can inspect and repair your farm and ranch fencing.

Replace Rotten Post

There are fences all around Onalaska, Livingston, Trinity, Coldspring, Shepherd, and other Lake Livingston area towns that have rotten fence post that needs replacing. We can usually change out a rotten post with a new firm post without taking your fence down. Simply use the form on this page or call us directly to get a FREE fence repair estimate.