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Lake Livingston's choice for fallen fence repair.

We can put back up fallen fence panels.

We can stand your fence back up and strengthen it. Most of the time we will need to replace the fence post, if this is the case we will set new post in concrete and attach the fence panel.

Call us to attach fallen fence pickets.

Fence pickets or fence boards can fall to the ground due to a number of reasons including rot, poor installation, and inappropriate fasteners. Wind storms, wood rot, animals, and people are all causes for fence pickets to fall of or go missing.

We can fix leaning fences before they fall.

Before fences fall the usually lean first. If you see a section of your fence leaning it will likely fall to the ground in a high wind event. Other reasons your leaning fence can end up on the ground are poor soil conditions, bad installation, or impact from tree limbs, mowers, people, cars, trucks, or any number of reasons.