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Ask us about building a corral fence for your horses, livestock, or as a border fence.

If you have large animals on your farm or ranch you will likely have the need on pasture them and keep them safe from predators or getting loose and getting hurt or killed. Many fences can be used to contain your livestock but for a fence that has both beauty and utility to contain your animals you should consider a post and board corral fence to keep your livestock, horses, donkeys, ponies, llamas, ostriches, emus, etc. A typical corral fence will have four or five foot tall and has 4-6 horizontal rails and possibly a capped top rail. Corral fences can be constructed from wood, steel, vinyl, or even concrete.

Wooden Horse Fencing

Wood is the most common material used to construct a corral fence. Pressure treated wood is the most popular wood product used due to its ability to resist rot in moist or wet areas. When we are asked to build a corral fence most of the time it is a four rail uncapped corral board (Corral Boards are rough in finish, pressure treated and are 3/4" x 5 1/2" x 16' in actual dimension) fence boards are attached to 4"x4" treated post that can be either square or round. We use 3" ring shank hot dipped galvanized nails approved for use with treated wood. We set each post in concrete no less than 24" deep. We set the post between 7'6" to 8'0" on center depending on on-site conditions.

Black Corral Fence

One of the most popular upgrades to a wooden corral fence installation is to have us paint or stain it for you. As far a color goes black seems to be one of the most popular colors for rural, farm, and ranch fencing and gates.

Barn Red Corral Fence

If you have a fence that is looking a little old and neglected then give us a call. We can pressure wash it to remove any dirt, bird droppings, mold, mildew, and discoloration from sun and vegetation. The three most asked for colors are white, black, and barn red paint. So, if you want a barn red painted corral fence just give us a call and we will build it and paint it to your specifications. If you have an older fence we can clean and paint it also.

Naturally Weathered Corral Fencing


Stained Wood Corral Fencing


Painted Wood Corral Fence