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Country Style Cedar Split Rail Fencing for your Farm or Ranch

Three rail post and rail fencing

Cedar wood fencing has been a popular choice in The Lake Livingston area due to it's ability to resist rot and insect infestation. If you are looking for a border or boundary fence that is economical and will last many years then a cedar split rail fence may be the right choice for you. A cedar split rail fence has a distinctive county style that works well if you are looking for a farm and ranch appeal. Ask us to apply wire mesh with this style fence so you can also contain animals.

Stained Cedar Fence with a Texas Look

We previously talked about the resilience of cedar to rot and infestation, if you would like to add another layer of protection while adding a little my style then ask us to stain your fence also. A stained cedar fence will or can be opaque or translucent allowing the grain to show through. No matter what you style choice is we can apply a stain that will add beauty and life to your new cedar split rail fence.

Long Lasting Cedar Split Rail Fence

The natural oils in cedar wood allows the split rail fence post to resist rotting from water that could harm the fence post. In addition these same oils also repeal insects such as termites, carpenter ants, and other wood boring insects. When installed correctly using best practices your new split rail fence will last for many years to come.