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Cedar Wood Privacy Fencing

Pressure Treated Pine Privacy Fence .Vs Cedar Privacy Fence

In general there are two primary considerations for most people when contracting a cedar fence to be built near Lake Livingston, TX. Those two factors come down to price .vs quality. You should know that these two are not diametrically opposed.

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Naturally Rot Resistant Cedar

The great thing about a cedar privacy fence is that the pickets are naturally resistant to rot and insect infestation. Another positive attribute of cedar wood pickets is that the warp, twist, or cup less than pressure treated pine pickets that are also very popular around Lake Livingston, Texas.

The cost of cedar privacy fence is not all that much more than a 100% pressure treated fence. A cedar dog-eared fence will have about a 10% - 15% premium as to that of pressure treated privacy fencing.

One other factor to consider buying a cedar picket fence as to a pressure treated picket fence is the aesthetics. Cedar looks better longer. Both materials will last a good long time if built properly; however, cedar will maintain a better look longer.

Custom Cedar Fences

We are asked to build custom designed cedar fences and we are willing to build your privacy fence to your specifications. Some design considerations could be custom post spacing, lattice topped privacy fencing, good neighbor fences and more. If you have a design idea present it to us and we will find out what the material cost is and construction cost and give you a FREE estimate on a custom cedar privacy fence. We build custom cedar privacy fences in Onalaska, Trinity, Point Blank, Oakhurst, Coldspring, Shepherd, Goodrich, Leggett, Rye, and other cities surrounding Lake Livingston, Texas.