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We install black vinyl coated chain link or cyclone fence in Onalaska, Livingston, Trinity, Coldspring, Shepherd, Huntsville, Leggett, and other areas around Lake Livingston, TX.

Black Vinyl Coated Chain Link is Beautiful

Some people may have a bias against chain link fence due to its industrial look. These same people often change their opinion when looking at a black vinyl covered cyclone fence.

Straight Cyclone Fencing

We run tight string lines to keep your fence post in a straight line. In addition a black chain link fence can follow the contour of the ground (Standard Install) or we can build it with a even top rail, which may result in a gap at the bottom of the fencing. When an even top rail is chosen it is suggested in adding fill dirt or bull rock to block and gaps at the bottom of the fence.

Black Chain Link Gates

Unlike other fence companies we do not buy pre-built gates of fixed sizes. Each chain link gate built is customized to the opening presented. So, if you have a breezeway, walk way, stairway, or a custom width to fit your mower through we can build a gate just for you.