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Bad Post Fixed in Onalaska, Trinity, Livingston, Coldspring, and more.

Re-Set wobbly fence post

Wobbly post are often the result of post that have not been correctly set. The most common reason for a wobbly fence post is that it was set in concrete and moved around while the concrete was still curing. The post should be braced while the concrete is allowed to cure around the post without being disturbed. Other reasons such as poor soil conditions, wood shrinkage, or poorly mixed concrete can also be reasons that a post will be wobbly.

Replace Bad Wood Fence Post

It's common with wood fences after a number of years that the fence post will rot, break, or need to be re-set. When you have a bad fence post we can try to reuse it, but most likely we would replace the post

Bad Fence Post = Fallen Fences

The majority of fence that end up laying on the ground could have been prevented with routine fence inspections and maintenance. For example, as with a privacy fence the wood fence post may be rotten for years and when a extreme wind event comes it will easily end up on the ground.